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3:33 p.m. - 2001-09-27
Virgins are sexual deviants
My mom sent me an e-mail last night suggesting that it might be a bad idea to make referance to homosexuality and the act of inserting something into ones ass in the same entry. This brings up the issue of repressed sexuality and sexual identity.

One of my co-workers once asked me if I had ever dreamed about oranges. He told me that Freud had a theory that dreaming of fruit, specifically oranges, was a sign of repressed homosexuality. I have never dreamed about oranges to my recollection, but what does it mean if you dream about Ewan Mcgreggor, the guy who cuts hair at supercuts and yourself taking turns giving each other heroine supositories followed by the smoking of Healthy Cigarettes?

Probably that you like oranges.

I honestly have no problem with most sexuality in general, hetero, homo or bi. Living in the "Sucka Free" (S.F.) I have been exposed to many diferent lifestyles and it hasn't made me weird(intro to this entry not withstanding). To me the idea of human sexuality is hillarious- no matter who it is putting what where and rubbing it around how- it's funny.

We're just a bunch of bald monkey for chrissakes. Why we try to make it all cerebral is one of my favorite things to ponder. Think about it, we need music, dancing, purfume, poetry, flowers, flirting, hell some people even need to sign a government contract before we'll get down to the business of rubbing our wettest parts together to make 'em feel tingly.

Remember when Dr.Laura got in all that hot water for saying that homosexuals were abnormal deviants and were wrong to enage in their prefered sexual activities? Sex colomnist Dan Savage had the best response to her. Dr.Laura claimed that since most people are hetero, that makes hetero the norm. Anything outside the norm is by definition abnormal. Deviating outside the norm is by definition deviant, so therefore homosexuals are by definition abnormal sexual deviants. Savage took her logic and applied it to people who are virgins on their wedding day, and the practice of celibacy in general. Most people have sex before marriage etc., etc...I'm not going to go through it, do it yourself.

My point is, I don't care what other people do with their privates in private, as long as they keep it private, it's only consenting adults involved, and one of those consenting adults is not my girlfriend Jane.

I don't find the idea of touching a man very arousing, to me men are pretty gross in general what with the hair and wiskers and penises. I only like my own penis, and that's because of the way it makes me feel, it's a very co-dependant relationship. The idea of homosexual sex is only objectionable to me in that I don't have any urges toward participation, but then I never understood all the men who wanted to have sexual relations with the under-aged Brittany Spears in her first video either, yet I still hang out with those cretins...I mean my friends.

So do what you want to with your genetalia! And really, try a relaxing puff on a Healthy Cigarette with your partner(s) when your done.

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