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1:52 p.m. - 2001-09-28
Einstein was a buffoon
Wow, a fan from down under and a non-fan (of supercuts at least) from the pacific north west have signed my guestbook! Having an online journal is fun!

This experience has been great for me thus far. I am starting to feel more comfortable at the keyboard and am regaining my old passion for writing. I have to thank Janey for getting it together for me and having patience with my new addiction. Signing up for an e-mail account on yahoo! was too much for me a few weeks ago, and now I am begining to learn some of the basic html coding! Hooray fer 'puters!

I don't yet know where this journal is going to take me. I'm guessing that it's purpose will change with the ebb and flow of my moods and psychology. Sometimes I will (attempt to) be funny, and I'm sure other times the soap opera style drama will rear it's ugly head. But for the most part, I enjoy being a goof and consider it my natural state.

On that note, are you aware that in my homeland of Canada, British Columbia specifically, the word 'goof' is considered one of the most disparging of all remarks utterable? In fact, in prison, they live by the motto "goof's a go". In other words you can say whatever you want to someone, from speculating about their sister's outlandish sexual practices, to claiming to have had a hand in forming those of their mother's, but it won't really be considered fightin' words until that one syllable spills across your lips.

I know, I didn't believe it either, but it has been verified to me by more than one source--"goof's a go".

Considering this, maybe I should retract the statment that I enjoy being a 'goof' and replace the word 'goof' with 'buffoon'. I have a feeling that I might not know the true definition of a 'goof', at least in Canadian penetentary speak, so let's stay on the safe side. 'Buffoon' is fine. I'm a buffoon.

My mom's a goof though.

She continues to make remarks about my spelling errors in the entries. Come on Mom! Don't you know that it's a sign of genius to have problems with spelling and what-not? Plus this damn diary service has no spellcheck feature. Plus you're the one who both raised me and handed down your genes, so nature and nurture point directly to you .

So to review, my terrible number of spelling errors can be blamed on the lack of a spellcheck feature @ diaryland, my Mom, in one way or another, and my genius. Case closed, pass the lychee cups. Well this bad spelling genius is finna go do his warsh at the ol' coin-op laundry. And yes, leaving a load of wet clothes in the washing machine is also a sign of genius. Einstein did it all the time.

I would also like to point out that two out of the four entries in my guestbook were left by someone other than me. I know that I do not constitute 50% of the general population and I would like my guestbook to reflect that fact if possible. So please, all feedback is encouraged, be it a scathing remark regarding my thriftyness in choosing a barber like Mark's, or a lovely compliment that reveals the readers charm and distinguishing taste like Karina's.


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