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5:21 p.m. - 2001-10-11
Your Music Sucks
I am considering changing my template on this diary. I was actually pretty impressed by the automatic template given to me by diaryland, but through reading other peoples diaries who despise the "boring" unaltered designs, and discovering that there are diaryrings that will not even accept you with an original diaryland template, I realize that I must not know a damn thing and better get my fix on.

I do enjoy a lot of the creative designs that I have seen. Octobergirl's site is a pleasure, for the writing and the visuals. I am not a visual artist for the most part, and have always appreciated the most linguistic methods of communication more than the visual, so if she wasn't such an eloquent writer, I probably would not be the fan that I am. I'm sure though, that if her site was merely text on template, I would still visit her daily. This is only a reflection on my personal tastes and priorities, there are others, I'd bet, who live for visual art and would say the opposite.

This is how I explain liking rap music.

For everyone out there that gets a bitter taste in the back of their throats at the mention of this genre, who profess that the term "rap music" is an oxymoron, who get visions of Nelly, P-Diddy and all the other foolishness that is sadly the gleaming example allowed by our pop culture society, or think rap is just a mess of profane misogynist violence, I say SHUT THE FUCK UP AND LISTEN TO WHAT THE FUCK I HAVE TO SAY-BEEEYOCH!!

Most people like pop music. That is the definition of pop. Popular. For those people, more power to you, you're lucky to have all your favorite tunes playing in every store, movie trailer and car commercial. Enjoy. People may call your music bubble-gum crap but don't listen to Strength in numbers.

For the rest of you who have chosen something a little less main stream to spend your time listening to, I'm sure at some point you have felt the frustration of having someone paint your musical taste as, well, shitty. Maybe they even called it pop! Whether you listen to country, house, metal, classic rock, jazz, punk, ska, reggae, or easy listening, I'm sure someone has at one time or another minimized your choice with very limited exposure of their own to draw from.

Many, MANY times I have found myself in the position of defending rap to someone who's argument includes everything from siting the few, most simple lines that they have heard in a pop radio song to putting their baseball cap backwards, crossing their arms, sticking their tongue out, blowing a raspberry salute style beat and exclaiming "word!" as the big finish.

All I can say is that anyone who judges a whole category of music by the most high profile examples will always be able to find fault.

Different aspects of music speak to different people, for me it is the lyrical content that matters, for Jane it is the ass shakeability factor-I know the lyrics to her favorite songs better than she does. (they all suck). I have finally in my life, stopped being frustrated so much with the fact that people are not just like me, (even though we'd all be better off…)

I guess my point is, if you don't understand rap, do yourself a favor and don't pretend to. That goes for the rest of it too.

I leave you with the words of Aceyalone, a much unappreciated poet *said without a hint of irony* and rapper:

The world is full of bullshitters,
liars and tryers and quitters,
coulda-beens, wannabes, thought-I-was's and I is's,
and everybody in your business...


Now what is really your main aim?
When you're just a blotch or a stain on the planetary plain,
Just another name in the phone book of fame...

Busting at the seams it seems you haven't gained enough,
To be seen,
In the right scene,
Your thoughts they seem so convincing,


But your actions don't follow through,
Never say never because it never comes true,

Your thoughts they seem so convincing,
For instance
You told me that you're a level higher,


Element of desire
Earth and the wind and the fire,


You ain't even halfway hot
Not luke warm,
You ain't got no form…
All caught up in being waterproof,
When you shoulda been trying to catch up with that truth

For all intents and purposes,
Your life gone over ain't worth it's weight in gold,
That's probably why you get blowed,

'Cause people sell people things,
And people tell people things-that are useless,
And irrelevant,
And it stifles my intelligence,
That's why I stay true...

By the way, I've turned on my notes but have yet to link them to this page because I'm too dumb to know how. Yes, yes…LOL. Anyway, they can be accessed through my profile page if you want to leave me a message but are tired of being repeated in my guestbook (Chiv), or are afraid that it may be diseased (Ann-Frank).


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