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7:18 p.m. - 2001-11-08
Haha. It's more than you want know.
This survey was stoled from Mara aka Unemployed. I think it is all a ploy to find out more info about me so she can continue to stalk me. Here it is, baby:

Your Name:

Heckafresh, Pocket Hercules, E-Dog-Scrilla-Scratch Esq.

Year You Were Born:

Zodiac sign:

What 3 Words Best Describe You?:
It's All Good

Do You Get Along With Your Parents?:
Mom not Pop

What's On Your Mouse Pad?:
pizza sauce

Choose 3 bands (past or present) To Play At Your Birthday Party:
Mars&Mystre, Freestyle Fellowship, The Be Sharps

Most Embarrassing CD In Your Collection:
I don't know, but my friend Aaron, 27/M, owns The Little Mermaid! Haha, we always find it IN his CD player too!

Dream Car:
'66 Mercury Montclair

Current Car:
'96 GMC Sonoma. Purple. Yes Purple. The best comment I ever got on it was "you know what this color says to me? Who needs a rainbow sticker!?"

Future Son's Name:
Prisoner 6521304

Future Daughter's Name:
Melissa Mounds

If You Could Have Dinner With Any 3 Persons (Dead or Alive), Who Would They Be?:
Those last three motherfuckers who cut me off on the freeway-dead.

Do You Have Recurring Dreams (Describe):
Bears. Being Chased by bears.

Do You Dream In Color?:
I don't know.

Do You Have Any Tattoos/ Body Piercings (Describe):
Tattoo on my chest. Had my nipple pierced and my lip pierced but took them out when I was a commercial fisherman. Had my ear pierced too. Now I just gots a lot of holes.

What Physical Characteristic Would You Change About Yourself?:
Lack of wings or a monkey tail to swing around the treetops with.

What Bad Habit Would You Change About Yourself?:
Not ever answering survey questions straight and picking up super models and breaking their hearts.

What Do You Collect?:
No collections. Unless the dirty dishes in the sink count.

What Is Your Most Prized Possession:
My "Bilbo" jean jacket from when I was five.

Pet Peeves:
The Motherfucking News. There was a report last night that informed us of the statistic that 80% of the layoffs in the last two months happened after the Twin Tower/Pentagon attack. Umm…the eleventh was only about 20% into the last two months and the lay-off rate has been rising for months. Grrrr! I hate those fear mongers! I have to change my who I'd like to have dinner with dead answer.

Worst Job You Ever Had:
Sold cowboy boots in a mall. In San Francisco. For $4.25 an hour.

What Do You Wear To Bed?:
Butt nekkid.

Place You'd Most Like To Visit:

Preferred Way To Die (other than natural causes):
Breakdancing accident.

Words Or Phrases You Overuse:
"The truth of the matter is…" "The truth is…" "True." "Make no mistake…" Oops, that last one's not me.

What Are You Afraid Of?:
Hurting the people I love.

Name 3 Male And 3 Female Celebrities You Find Attractive:
D' Angelo, R. Kelly and Michael Jackson (if he'd just invest in a little plastic surgery).
Toni Braxton, Vanessa Williams and Sade.
Wow, all black R&B singers. *shrug*

Would You Ever Go To A Nude Beach (in the buff, that is):
Probably, but it might take me a little while to get used to it.

The Person You'd Most Like To F**k:
One of those little Rap Music Video sluts, take your pick.


Cartoon Character:
Astro Boy

Time Of Year:


Drink (non alcoholic):

Drink (alcoholic):
Shirley temples, I can down about four of those babies before I'm falling over.


Board Games:
Hungry Hippos

Tv Shows:
The Kids in the Hall, The Honeymooners, The Flinstones, The Simpsons, Twin Peaks,Bug Juice

Movies Of All Time:
Millers Crossing, Barton Fink, Let Him Have It, The City of Lost Children, Fresh, Wild at Heart, Beat Street, Pete's Dragon.

Bacon (but I don't eat it), and bakin'



Night Owl Or Early Riser:
Night owl.

Sports Or No Sports:
None for me. Even I don't think that lifting weights is a sport.

Kids Or No Kids:

Cat Or Dog:
Both in abundance, but dog over cat.

Indoors Or Outdoors:

Hot Or Cold:

Mountains Or Oceans:

Beatles Or Stones:

Thunderstorms - Cool Or Scary:

Toilet Paper Roll - Over Or Under:
I have a penis, I don't care.

Are You Righty, Lefty, Or Ambidextrous:

Are You More Of An Introvert Or Extrovert:
Introvert until I have you captive.

Ex- Boy/Girlfriends - Friends Or Enemies:

Zebra - White With Black Stripes, Or Black With White Stripes:
White w/ Black Stripes.

Threesomes - 2 Guys And A Girl, Or 2 Girls And A Guy:
2 Girls And A Guy, unless somehow I could have both guy's be me. Having twice the penises might be fun.


Love At First Sight:


Have been to the DMV.

I'm a Canadian alien.

No. But they freak me out sometimes.
Since the time that I typed no, Jane happened to show me a horoscope on line. Umm…yes?

Undecided. But if I'm ever a ghost, Ima haunt the fuck out of some motherfuckers. Chains, floating dishes, "WhooOOOooo!" and the whole nine!

When you go visit her site, check out Unemployed's advice for boys entry. It just may have saved my family name from ending with me.


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