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3:57 p.m. - 2001-11-10
I've mentioned a few times how good this D'land experience has been for me. I have to laugh at the old pre-internet Heckafresh who couldn't understand what people found so compelling on the net. I still don't get some of it, like chat rooms, but I have a healthy respect for the parts that don't appeal to me. I am a little scared that the word "yet" belongs firmly affixed to the end of that sentence, and believe me, I have no need for anything else to suck up my time right now.

Speaking of the pros of keeping a public diary, and wasting time, one of my favorite things to happen since I started this diary is getting google hits. I am such an asshole that there is no way anyone could possibly get any relevant information on any topic from my writing. So far I have gotten hits for "house cleaning tips", "Brittany's choreographer", and ""Phalic" among others. The best part to me, is that these people are obviously looking for something other than what they found here. Diaryland helps me waste my own time, but man, real satisfaction is to be had in wasting a complete strangers time.

Do you ever wonder if people like you because of the bullshit, or in spite of it? I do. I'm really not sure if people can see through this crap and like what they see behind it, or if the crap is just amusing enough to keep them entertained. Hell, maybe the crap really is me, maybe it's all me.


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