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4:52 p.m. - 2001-11-12
Heckafresh gets dated
How do you know that you're getting old? When is the word "getting" yanked out of that sentence like a loose toof that has been tied to a slamming door?

I mean shit, I have spent most of my life not liking the way things are "nowadays". I have always been tortured by what the kids are into, even when I was a kid. But thanks to unemployed and DeadeyeDick, I had the misfortune of being exposed to and traveled the last little bit from disdain of those younger than me, to not having a clue what the fuck they are doing.

Um…what is "emo"? What is the purpose of this makeoutclub site? I really don't know! Seriously, when did I fall completely out of the loop? I still remember the first time a stranger referred to me as a "that man". I still remember the first time a waiter told me he didn't need to see my ID. I have seen my peers get married, have children, buy houses. But come on, a whole generation of kids comes up on my ass and invent some new category of music and language and I don't even know about it? Am I old? I'm not ready for that yet. I'm not ready to be like the one old hippie guy that everyone knows who says words like "happinin", either not knowing or not caring that he's dating himself with every syllable.

I still care motherfucker! Oops…do they still say "motherfucker"?

It is Monday and I'm not working yet. It's cool (cool!?!) though, my former partner called me with a confirmation for a small job fixing a garage. It should be sweet (sweet!?!) because he bid the thing pretty high, so it may just give me the breathing room to finish out the month without committing to any one company too early.

See, procrastinating till the last minute is almost always the way to go.

Now that the rest of my day is free, I'm going to go find out what emo is, rock out to it, and maybe stick all my piercings back in. Or read the paper and think about the good ol' days, you know, the nineties. Fuckin' whippersnappers….


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