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12:03 a.m. - 2001-11-14
Call her and ask her, and imagine her in your old house when you do.
I'm only 27.

Just wanted to get that out there.

Hi Eli,Thanks for your e-mail. I admire your determination! We have interviewed someone who we are close to offering the position to. When we spoke I said we needed lead carpenters and you felt you weren't at that level. Your attitude leads me to believe you'd be an asset in our company at any level. I know you are looking for an office position, but, if you are interested, we'd like to speak with you regarding a field position. There is much opportunity for growth and learning throughout our company. Give me a call if you'd like to schedule that. Otherwise, I'll keep your resume at hand and will give you a call if/when we have a position open in the sales/estimating part of the company.



I also went and looked at the job my ex-partner found doing that garage. I have to decide whether I can do it for the price he bid it for, but I may just take it even if it is a little light in the profit department. One thing is for certain, I have the time to spare.

I can't bring myself to watch the news anymore. It is insulting, straight up. It is no different than the propaganda being spewed by the Taliban in substance, and only slightly more sophisticated. They don't know what caused the plane to crash yesterday. The reasons that they are giving for it not being a terrorist attack are useless speculation. I don't think it is important that we know the truth right now as the public, but I resent being manipulated so blatantly. Please stop.

Oh, you aren't going to stop, huh? Well at least humor me by trying harder, kay?

When you talk to someone on the phone do you picture them in your head sitting at the phone? I do.

The funny thing is, I imagine them the way I last saw them, and sometimes, in the place I last saw them too. For example, my mom moved while I was living down here in the states. I had never seen the house that she moved in to, and wouldn't until several months after she moved. So every time I talked to her on the phone I still pictured her in her old house standing in the same place the phone had been.

The same sort of deal applies to all these diaries. I have a different image in my head of each person who I read, and the environment in which they write. I have seen pictures of some of them posted on their sites. Others may just remind me of someone in the tone of their writing, so they take on their physical qualities in my mind too.

I like the mystery. I like the mystery being dispelled too though. It is like reading a book, then seeing the movie. First you get to imagine it your way, then you see it with your eyes. The thing is, it doesn't work the other way. Once I have seen the movie, I can very seldom go back to imagining the characters the way I first pictured them myself. Even in animation. I find I like the old Disney movies better, before they started using celebrity voices. Now I always envision the actor in the studio instead of immersing myself in the antics of talking animals and genies and whatnot.

The point is, sometimes it is more fun when you can't see the man behind the curtain.

Anyway, this is all an intro to the fact that I am going to link Janie's journal again in case anyone's interested in her point of view on things. Obviously she has good taste in men, but there's some other junk about her too that could be noteworthy besides me being part of her life and all, though that's obviously the highlight. If you haven't seen it in older entries here it is. Now you have a picture of the man. Just imagine him in a pile of papers, garbage and surrounded by dirty dishes at a cheap IKEA desk, smacking away at the keys (mostly the BkSp) with two fingers on each hand hunt and peck style, and you can practically see me now.

Oh yeah? Well your MOM thinks I'm cute.


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