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12:16 p.m. - 2001-11-24
I'm going to go look up the Martha Stewart one right now.
Google is a very powerful search engine apparently. I was excited to be a part of it when I first got included in the listings.

"Well," I thought to myself, "now I can catch some random fans in my web from out there in the wide world of the world wide web. They'll visit one page and read my delightful stories and wisdom and be hooked. They'll tell all their friends and soon I'll be on the cover of one of those techie magazines like the Napster fellow. I'll be the new "bad boy" of the internet because I'll never conform! No tuxes for me buster! I'll be the god damned rogue millionaire playboy of the new millenium. Shit, I don't even have to really look for a job right now, it would be unfair to my new employer to fill a position for them just to leave to collect my riches weeks later. I'd better stall on that job search for a little while."

What I didn't consider was who would be finding me through the Google search engine, and what they would be looking for. I guess there are fewer net surfers looking for "laugh out loud funny diary entries involving a Canadian in San Francisco" than I thought.

So how do people find me? Well try this little experiment if you care to. Go to Google and type in, as your key words, "Gay"+"Filthy"+"Overalls".

I can only imagine the disappointment on the face of the surfer who was led to my site by that one. I almost feel guilty. I almost feel like I should post some pictures of myself at work just to give the people what they really want.

Hey! Maybe I can charge a fee for that shit! Hmmm…This idea sounds like it could warrent scrutiny. Perhaps I am premature in my job search after all…

PS Ass, Teen, Pussy, Gay, Second base, Lesbian, Sex, Fuck, Tits, Boobs, XXX, Porno stars, Dick, Penis, Goats, Lolitas, SM, Dry hump, Vegetation used as dildos, Monster Cocks, Transsexuals, Martha Stewart in compromising positions, Lickers.

That's for you, Google!


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