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6:56 p.m. - 2001-12-06
Boo, Motherfucker!
I miss the style of the early nineties. You know, big floppy colorful hats, wearing a pair of guess jeans on top of another pair of guess jeans. The urban mullet.

Yes I sported the urban mullet. What sets the urban mullet apart from the regular mullet? I was in the city, yo.

Mostly I've been missing those Cross Color denim fits that people rocked back then. I could never afford that shit at the time, but I know a few of my friends had them. I plan to locate one and wear it ASAP. I prefer one that is as loud as possible, yellow on purple, or red on green, which would be seasonal as well as ridiculous, but I'll take whatever I can get.

I also have to get a haircut tomorrow so I'm contemplating having the barber shave some words into the back of my head. Maybe something like "Yeeeaah Booooyeee!" or a Nike swoosh.

Emo Shmeemo.

One of my favorite diarists, Chiv has disappeared. It's true that it has only been less than a week since his last update, but I am used to seeing his name highlighted on my buddylist once or twice a day at least. His last entry was his 300th and the conspiracy theorist in me wants to assign that some sort of significance, but likely he just wanted a break.

It is odd though to have what could be called a close acquaintance sort of vanish like that. I remember when I was attending college and someone in the class would drop half way through the semester, I always morbidly wondered if they really dropped or if they died. I mean really, if they had died I doubt that anyone would take the time to inform the people who sat through Psyche 101 with them of the news.

So what would happen if I died? The little handful of people who read this might wonder where I went, but they would likely never hear of my death right?


Not if I have any say in the matter. I plan to go out in a blaze of glory or at least glorious stupidity. I'll either be saving a young child from the boogie man or jumping off of a roof with an umbrella, but it'll make the news if I can help it.

IRregardless, I plan to haunt in my ghost form like a motherfucker. If you want to be haunted by postmortem Heckafresh, all you'll have to do is let me know on the ol' Ouigi Board, and outlive me. Be warned though, there are many, many girl's dormitories to get to first so it may be a while before I start spinning the pictures and shaking the chains up and down your halls. And the ectoplasm…I can't wait to get my hands on the ectoplasm.

I hope Chiv's not dead.


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