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7:41 p.m. - 2001-12-09
Tougher than Leather
I'm so fucking sad.

=(, motherfucker! =(!

One thing that has cheered me up some is visiting Scanzilla's battle of the Corey's scenario. That scanzilla is a full of beans. Just looking at the pictures of the Corey's in question made me almost cry in laughter rather than in despair for a few moments. They look soOOoo corny in their leather jacket and funny sticking up hair. Haha!

Then I went to my pop's house and saw this up on the fridge. Maybe the Corey's weren't so wack after all. If you look carefully you can see the beginning of the "long" in the short long haircut I was referring to.

Unfortunately, my brother has pilfered all of the pictures that showcase the urban mullet it in it's full glory so he and his little pals at UC Santa Cruz can point and laugh at them when they're all boozed up. Little shits. Anyway, I hope to get them back soon so everyone in cyberspace can get their guffaw on too, not just the over privileged college boys.

I'm like the new millenium Robin Hood that way. Except with mullet photos that make me look like an idiot instead of sacks of gold coins and bags full of gems.

Well take it and like it peasants.


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