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12:33 a.m. - 2001-12-11
Heckafresh In A Compromising Position
I wrote a whole angry, long, desperate entry last night and decided to wait until today to post it. Today I declare it unpostable.

It felt good to write it though, even as I knew I probably wouldn't show it to anybody. It's great. Aside from making me a crazy attention whore recluse internet junkie freak, this diary has introduced me to a brand new form of bitching that can be accomplished without the use of friends! Of course I will still complain as much as ever to all the folk who are lucky enough to be within earshot as well.

So, in it's place, I post something even less postable, A scandalous promotion of past entries and my nekkid torso. I suggest you turn back now.

I keep getting google hits for porn related junk. I know that this is not a rarity, but funnily enough, some of these porn surfers decide to take a break from their search for masturbation fodder and check out a few entries. I can look on the 'ol site meter and see their exit page, and the few that have done this have uncannily ended up on the entry where I ridicule the google searchers that get sucked into my web of diary crap. That's when they leave.

It makes me feel bad. I knew that titling entries Revenge of the Gay Poodle, and Virgins are Sexual Deviants would bring false hope to the one handed typers out there, and frankly, the idea amused me a great deal. But now as I envision them with a scowl on their faces, their "semi" reverting to a full on wilt in their hand, I can't help but feel a twinge of guilt.

You see, I too know the pain of taking a wrong turn in the search for titillating perversion on the net. It's not fun. Let me just give you novices this advice; never, I mean NEVER click on the category that is titled "other".


IRregardless to the fact, today I give something back to all you weary nudity seekers. Half naked Heckafresh, ready for the ogling. I warn you, know what you're getting yourself into before you place pressure on your left mouse button, one persons heaven is another's hell, and there are no refunds.

The choice is yours.

I already regret it.


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