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2:35 a.m. - 2002-01-05
Serious idiot.
I wouldn't say that I haven't been myself lately. I just have had the more morose and serious side of my personality take prominence for a while. It is always around, but it usually is matched, if not overtaken by the goof ball idiot side.

The interesting thing about starting a new job where you meet a whole slew of new people right at the peak of your breakup is that their first impression of you is ends up a little skewed.

My lil' Sis, Blueberry has the reputation for a rapier sharp wit that will be unsheathed at every opportunity. I don't think that I would be out of line to brag that her sense of humor gained it's razors edge in no small part due to the grinding that I myself am responsible for during her younger, formative days.

But to the people at work, I am just a nice, um, serious guy who for some reason they have almost unanimously decided to like with out ever knowing the cheerier side of my personality.

Serious. I actually had somebody tell me that they didn't think that I was really related to Blueberry because she's so sarcastic and I'm so serious. When I told this to Blueberry she stated that I am serious.

"But I'm a fucking lunatic!" I protested.

"Yes, you do have a wacky sense of humor, but you're even serious about that."

God damn it if she's not on to something.

So as I begin to warm up at work and get a little further away from the impact zone of my current situation with Janie, I am beginning to let the more ridiculous side of myself soak up life again like the dried out sponge it had become. It feels a lot better.

At any rate, this whole issue was on my mind for some reason as I drifted in and out of sleep, and the drug like haze that is found in half dozing brought me a vision of what to do to shed my current work persona.

It came to me that a sure way to show my true colors would be to grab one of the round loaves of bread (baked fresh daily on the premises), scoop out the inside as if I were going to fill it with delicious clam chowder, but instead place it on my head like an army helmet and proceed to act out a heart wrenching scene from the Vietnam war.

This all made perfect sense to me this morning, and I half resolved to go through with it.


Thankfully I woke the rest of the way up before I got to work.

PS The laugh out loud funny Sezzy of GOPgirl started a new diaryring called the looneybin of which I am the proud first joiner. And as of now the only joiner. I don't mind because with just her and I involved I've got all sorts of plans for the padded rooms and straight jackets, ;-) , not to mention that there are more meds to go around this way, but I'm sure that others will want to join too as the company is superb.


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