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6:52 p.m. - 2002-01-17
I had better not take any naps or I might go in on Wednesday...
Last Tuesday, two days ago that is, I went to pick up my last check from the fancy rich people restaurant and then had lunch with two of my friends at a nearby semi-fancy, upper middle class restaurant.

Because I have been considering continuing working as a bar baboon, I asked the sever if they were hiring for one. She said no, but that they would be having open interviews on Thursday for the position of server, or table ape if you prefer.

Her exact words, paraphrased of course, were precisely; "There is an open interview on Thursday. Today is Tuesday so that gives you two days."

I wanted to tell her that that was too confusing and ask her to translate it to how many sleeps until the interview day, or even write it down on a note so my mommy could make me an advent calendar, but instead I just silently rejoiced the fact that if they were recruiting people who they don't expect know the days of the week I was a shoe in as I even know my times table and shapes.

So I went in today, because I sleeped two times since then, Tuesday I mean, and got my app on. The place is kind of crap. I'm used to working in fancy rich people joints now, wearing a vest and everything. There was not a vest in sight there, yet they still have the guts to charge $12.95 for a Caesar salad with chicken.

I didn't interview because they are stupid, but I did get told to come in next Thursday and they would see me then.

The exchange to find out that info went like this:

Heckafresh: "So I should come in next Thursday?"

Over snobby for her position girl #1: " Um…Snobby Girl Two, should he come in next Thursday?"

Snobby Girl #2: "This Thursday."

SG1: "But today's Thursday."

SG2: "Well they're not interviewing next Tuesday and we do interviews on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so he should come in thisThursday."

SG1 to Heckafresh: "Yeah, next Thursday."

Heckafresh fighting the temptation to ask "this Thursday or next Thursday?" because even though it would be highly amusing he knew they meant next Thursday before they did: "Thanks!"

So there it is. Seven more sleeps until I go in to interview. I think I'll tell them my name is Eli, but that they can call me "Thursday" like all my friends do. That'll fuck 'em right up.


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