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11:38 a.m. - 2002-01-18
I'm eating toast. (It gets worse)
If you were to type in "my full name+diary" on the google search engine you wouldn't come to my site until the fifth page of listings. If you type in "The+Truth+Hurts+diary" I am even further toward the back of found sites.

If, however, you type the words "penis+little+mermaid+video+jacket" why, I'm number three right there on the very first page. Also, if you were looking for information on a paper regarding "Ewan+McGreggor+penis", google would direct you to my diary for help in getting the facts on that subject as a top reference.

"What+the+fuck+is+wrong+with+me" has been wildly popular, and happily it is the one inquiry my site probably could answer for a lost internet soul.

I decided to make a late resolution and quit the monkey talk for a while as I am boring myself to death with it. I don't want to burn out my most brilliantest material. It will be back, rest assured. I think I must mention penis an awful lot too considering the double penis google hits I got yesterday, (here come the "double+penis" searches) so maybe I should look into that as well.

It seems as though there is a great influence on the world in general right now that is causing confusion and deep contemplation for many people who I know in real life and on diaryland.

No, it's not me.

Many people are ending their diaries. Many more have stopped updating as much. Lots of people have lost the inspired carefree voice that used to shine through in their writing, at least temporarily.

The fact that I could start writing about this topic and have no useless opinion to expound illustrates this point.

My brain is going stale. I can't have that, it needs to remain fresh so that I can live out my dream of slipping it into Gallager's fruit container at his comedy show when he comes to town so that he'll pull it out and lay the wooden mallet to it splattering the front rows (his shoes) with my gooey mind. If that shit's all dried out my plan won't work.

Thus I am taking a break from this journal until something interesting and worth writing about, and keep in mind my standards are low, happens to, around or because of me. Or someone I know. Or I've heard of. Or if I see a good movie or something. Or a bad one. Or if I want to complain.

Okay, I'll be back tomorrow.


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