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6:17 p.m. - 2002-01-23
I didn't talk about farting durring today's interview.
I went to the interview today. Not with the restaurant, there's still one more sleep to go for that one, with the construction company.

It was way better than I thought in nearly every way. They offered me the job at a higher rate of pay than they had said they would go previously, and with many little unexpected 'bonuses" revealed.

The best part is that even though my official position would be sales/production assistant, the sales manager/owner has other duties that he would like me to take on such as writing a monthly column for an East bay publication and coming up with a finished written class outline for a workshop he teaches at the local library. Now of course this is all to be initially outlined and roughed drafted by him, I would just transform the rough drafts into the end product.

I'm more excited than I am letting on right now, and much more excited than I let on to him in the interview. In fact I told him that I would have to think about the offer and get back to him in a week as I still have an interview in this many ~holds up one finger~ (NOT that one, Mom)days.

IRregardless they told me I was hired as far as they were concerned and that they want me to start a week from this (or was it next?) Monday--if I decided to take it that is.

I thanked them, left and slowly let it sink in that they wanted to pay me a very decent wage for interesting work in my field of expertise (pffft…) that included ample opportunity to write and even acquire bylines while being groomed to advance to the position held by the owner himself in a very well respected and successful Eastbay company.

I'm going to let it marinate in the ol' thinkpiece for a while anyway as I had just started to gear myself toward a return to the schoolhouse.

What I'm beginning to realize now though is that many of the benefits that had me considering school as a good option may be facilitated in other ways. For one thing, if getting paid to write is my whole focus, well here I go. If getting motivation to work on the more creative aspects of writing is what I was after, that fire is getting lit without the help of professors and tuition.

The main consideration is that if I don't take this chance to go back to school as a full time student, it may never come back around to me.

As of now I have nearly zero obligations and through the miracle of cheating on my taxes last year, have very little visible income for 2001. This leaves open a small window to get back into the world of grants and loans that they never offer the folks who make the mistake of paying into the tax system before they begin their education. This is my chance to get off of the treadmill boarded when you start to earn a decent income.

See, all of my friends who never worked a day in their life collected crazy free money and low interest loans while working on their ten year bachelors degree plans and going out to clubs every night of the week allowing them to answer the hellish "what are you doing now?" questions from friends and family with the magic and for some reason prestigious "I'm a student!" qualifying them for student discounts at the movies while I busted my ass as a laborer on a construction site all day and went to bed early and paid taxes and got no discounts and had people categorize me as a failure because I actually produced something tangable rather than "papers" that would be read only by a teachers aid and then tossed in the trash subsiquently to find out that the meager pay I was making was just enough to disqualify me from getting these same grants and loans. /RANT

So…I dunno.


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