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7:34 p.m. - 2002-02-05
I'm too tired to be funny in the entry, nevermind the title.
Man I'm tired.

I started my new job yesterday, and not surprisingly rediscovered the truth behind who exactly working is for. That's right, saps.

Really it is incredibly good, and also has the potential to be very, very bad. Anything that can possibly lose a cent in the $2 million plus worth of business that the company does annually passes through my hands and can be screwed up by me at my little work station.

All of it.

Luckily I'm extra special good as long as there are no wine bottles to remained corked.

So far I've got the "big meanie" of a boss on my good side. I am really shocked at how much construction knowledge I have unpurposefully acquired in the last...five…ye…Jesus I'm old.

Even so, everyone else in the office is much, much older than me, but sadly not old enough to have any Rascal Personal Scooters. This makes the environment fairly sterile and I can't really foresee a lot of diary worthy material coming out of that place. The work is very interesting, but interesting in the kind of way that it's discusion will bore everyone who is not involved in construction to fill their ears with painters caulk and scribble over their corneas with a sharpie so they won't have to hear or read about it.

In other news, my moms brought it to my attention that Channeled was hard to follow because of the problem diaryland has with the next/previous links not working properly and skipping entries. Octobergirl fixed it so you can navigate by page numbers at the top, so if you thought that the story didn't make sense, try it now. Also go look at Octobergirl in her bra. Wooooooooooooooooo! Shy exhibitionism is another thing we have in common.


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