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11:14 p.m. - 2002-02-15
If I win I'm getting that dent on my truck fixed!
Yesterday at work my boss explained that he wanted me to be as complete as possible when it comes to projects that I'm working on and the information held therein. Over and over he used the analogy of me dying, emphasizing that whomever took over any particular project that I left behind should be able to pick it up right where I left off with ease.

I prefer to imagine myself winning the $170 Million jackpot in the California lotto and not ever even calling to quit, or for that matter giving a shit if whoever takes over my pending projects goes mad from the confusion of deciphering my handwriting and unintentional misinformation tactics driving them to try to fax their nipples to our most prized client.

Yes I have lotto fever. It's actually more like the lotto mumps or whooping cough. I plan to by five tickets to tear up immediately after the drawing and curse and kick at the air. Fucking government.

Last night the ever informative and story breaking 10 o clock news gave many a flash on the lotto. They had a correspondent standing at a remote site giving live briefs during every commercial break, letting viewers know that they should stay tuned until Ten to get the full story about nobody winning the Wednesday night drawing and how now the jackpot was at an all time high for California!

Firstly, why the fuck is that the leading news story?

Secondly, why the remote? He was standing outside in the fucking dark in front of NOTHING, not even a store that sells lotto tickets.

Thirdly, what else is there for them to say about it? I have to admit, I didn't stay up for the report, but I bet I missed a whole lot of asking the common man if they hope they win. I think they do, stupid. Now what's going on in the world besides a bunch of people paying a dollar so they can daydream about peeing in their bosses filing cabinet for the next couple of days?

Oh, some figure skaters got cheated out of a medal at the winter Olympics. It's lucky that it was only the pussy Canadians who got ripped off though, if it had been Americans Bush would already be bombing some terrorist ass. Fucking Saddam. If he's not busy dealing crack to one year olds to raise money for terrorism or creating nuclear weapons so sneakily that we can't even prove it, he's probably buying off Olympic judges. See kids? That pot brownie you ate last summer made the Canadians lose the gold!

Am I the only one who thinks the Olympics are crap? Am I alone in feeling like just because a kid who is rich enough to practice flipping off of a jump in skis for ten years straight can flip really, really good now, that doesn't mean that the rest of the world should go without our bestest, most friendliest McDonalds cashiers for weeks on end? Fucking ski jumpers.

It's Mara's Birthday right now, but it's over by her time. Happy west coast birthday still Mara!


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