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9:09 p.m. - 2002-02-19
Happy B-day Blueberry!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!
Today is my wee sis Blueberry's Birfday. She's twenty-four.

In other news, a friend of mine almost beat up El DeBarge on Valentine's day for trying to cut out of a show for which he had been paid to headline after singing only two songs. While I deplore violence, and wish no harm upon El, or any of the DeBarges for that matter, this story would have been much better to recount were I free to subtract the "almost" from it.

Also, my new job is soaking up all of the brain power that is not used for regular human functions or the weird shit I do that is only regular for freaks, thus I can't apply it to my diaries right now. This is not acceptable, and if it doesn't change in the next couple of weeks I swear to god I'm going to go back to bar babooning.

This is what I did this weekend:

Went to see the movie "In the Bedroom". Very good, and full of laughs!

Kicked some motherfucking crew ass at pool.

Went to Berkeley on the one day of the year when the weather was worse there than here in San Francisco.

Ate Sushi.

Went to a comedy club on amateur night and partook of just the right amount of alcohol to get me in line to get on stage myself, only to (thankfully) be turned back due to time constraints.

Locked Jane's keys in her car. With the motor running. Parked behind my truck so there would be no way to go pick up the spare from her mom's.

Went to the most ghettoest (bestest) strip club in the city where I paid the most bestest (ghettoest) strippers dollar bills to pretend that they liked me for a minute or two.

Had a conversation in my truck with a fine woman until six am.

Slept for many, blissful hours.

That's all.

In honour of good ol' (Yes Blueberry, the "ol'" does translate to "old" now) Blueberry, here's a picture of me, her and moms circa the late seventies in Bolinas California.

Look how big my fucking cranium is, all packed full of the shit that makes me who I am before it became aware of itself.

Fuck you brain!

Also note B-berry's cheeks. Trust me, with the exersise that yap of hers gets now they'll never be that fat again. I love you Kaffer! You're the best Sis EVER!


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