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6:55 p.m. - 2002-03-08
What if the drivers had both been distracted by WCJ-L's ass?
I am well on the way to tricking myself into believing in love again.

KABL radio in San Francisco is playing no small role in the process. It is a station that plays old songs by Dean Martin and such, and I got into the habit of listening to it ever since one of my old co-workers had it on one day and “Little Spanish Flea” came on. There are not many things that will diffuse a traffic blow up better than imagining yourself from the outside yelling profanities at another driver while “Little Spanish Flea” is playing on your stereo.

But today as I commuted home I gave a special listen to the schmaltzy “Make Someone Happy” and was reminded for a moment why I liked the notion of love so much to begin with.

The DJ, Gentleman Jim, then told of a news item from somewhere in Europe regarding the death of a set of Seventy year old twins. It seems that the first one died while riding his Bicycle after being struck by a truck. The second one died, less than two hours later, also while riding his bicycle after getting hit by a different truck. The second one was never even informed of his brother’s death.

To this Gentleman Jim recited the old adage about the truth being stranger than fiction.

While this truly is a strange story on many levels, seventy year olds on bikes, twins dying within hours of each other in the same way, I am pretty sure it could have been a little stranger.

What if both of the twins had just independently discovered the cure for being hit by a truck and were racing toward each other’s houses to relay the news when the accidents occurred only to have the secret remedy die with them? What if it was their own human clones driving the trucks and the case became the prime example of how human cloning will turn on us if we don’t tread carefully? What if the twins were both able to live thanks to organ donations to each other?

Those would be stranger Jim.

PS Bravenet is about to be back in binnis. Should I restart my old Gbook with all of the older entries, keep the signmyguestbook, or the third most probable, nobody gives a fuck but me?


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