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8:42 p.m. - 2002-03-13
Anyone who votes for me gets to be a cronie!
I wrote two entries yesterday because my employed and paycheck gettin’ ass could finally spring for the $30US sticker price of a gold membership and I wanted to try to get my image host on.

Man that shit is easy.

The thing is that I didn’t see how the two entry topics, my plagiarized plan to continued world domination, and my good, good pals were related until today when I read the paper.

I forgot that one of the benefits of being a “non-evil”, world domination-bent, ultra violent president is that I will get to appoint all of my cronies to cushy jobs, or at least pass environmentally unsound policies that will make them crazy-rich.

That picture you saw in yesterday’s entry is full of my future cronies!

I saw WCJ-Lo and the MMT at the gym today. She was wearing a sweatshirt around her waist that had almost the effect of lead on kryptonite, rendering her ass much less potent against my powers of discretion. I had to wonder why.

Either she is trying to save The MMT the inevitable jail time that will be handed to him after he is forced to destroy an onlooker, or she has fallen victim to the idea that a large butt is an unsightly appendage on a female.

I hope I’m wrong, because that would be a tragic comedy if one ever existed.

At least that damn sweatshirt kept me alive for another day, thus keeping my cronies on the path to greedy, deplorable easy street. I’ll have to remember to throw the GAP a bone in the form of banning sweatshop laws or some such when I start penning up the policies.


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