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9:48 p.m. - 2002-03-14
Tonya Harding would kill me though.
Celebrity boxing, you say?

How ridiculous. Willis VS Vanilla Ice, Greg Brady VS Danny Bonaihavenoideahowtospellituchu. And best of all, Tonya Harding VS Paula Jones.

Now, anytime a woman claims to have been sexually harassed, my gut reaction is to believe her. There are definitely vindictive, manipulative women in the world who would have no problem lying about something like that for any host of reasons, but when even a crazy-nice guy like me will admit that I get hypnotized by booty, I think that there is a greater chance of harassing going down and thatís where I lay my bet.

In this case though, where Paula Jones, quite lovely on the inside Iím sure-enough-said, claimed that the then Governor Clinton tired to swoon her by just pulling it outÖit just seemed a little fishy to me.

Last night didnít help her credibility at all.

The fact that a claim of being flashed by the President is enough to get one on the card for Celebrity boxing got me to thinking. If I can just get a politician to show me his dick now, in ten years I could maybe be beating the crap out of Justin Timberlake on live TV.

It shouldnít be that hard, I think that Iím much prettier than Paula Jones.


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