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9:58 p.m. - 2002-04-05
HE'LL need to talk to someone by the time I shut up.
Just to clarify, my point about the $3.00 coffee was not to compare it to the $1.00 donation and the fucked priorities we have in this society. It was more to point out that a world where we would pay $3.00 for a coffee and not even think about it is just as fucking odd as the idea of a world where little girls are made to starve to death hundreds of times and old ladies can invoke earthquakes when frightened. Our little schizophrenic dream world is just as ridiculous, and even more frightening.

Sorry to continue with all of the negativity, Iím sure the jokes will be flowing again at some point.

You know, it really makes me kind of sad that the Pope is paying ďspecial attentionĒ to the standoff between the Palestinians and Israelis that is occurring at the birthplace of Jesus.

For everyone who believes that it is sacred ground and that what is happening there is a horrible desecration let me ask you, do you think Christ would be more upset that a temple built where he was born had itís door kicked in, or that people are about to fucking kill each other? Do you think olí God in heaven would be less upset if those damned sacrilegious middle easterners would just take themselves a good mile, mile and a half away before they used their powder actuated projectile devices to blow each otherís skulls to bits?

Hey Pope, good work.

Speaking of desecrate, I read a great quote in the Chronicle that I canít remember enough to write correctly, or remember the name to give credit correctly. Just be happy that Iím not completely stealing it.

Ahem, ďWe have heard tell that a million monkeys banging away on a million typewriters would eventually recreate the entire works of Shakespeare, now, thanks to the internet, we know that not to be the case.Ē

Iím going to see a therapist tomorrow. The same one I used to see when I was 16. I hope he knows what heís fucking in for.


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