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11:26 p.m. - 2002-04-21
This is mostly to bury the pretentious shit in the last entry.
I have started to take the train to work in the morning, and thus home at night as well. I like it much better than butting into the traffic headed across the bay every day.

It gives me some time to read and think and relax before/after I expend so much energy concentrating on things that are inherently unimportant to me.

To be honest Iím getting bored with the things that are important to me too.

I hated the Matrix. The idea was bland to me, the writing was over stylistic and corny, the costumes were ridiculous, the acting was horrible and the whole premise could be explained away by the fact that the computers could have simply set the time to remain before there were telephone lines and thwarted the whole damned uprising.

You see what I mean? Iím sitting there in a theater full of people who are imagining how cool it would be to jump from building top to building top, and all I can think of is how Keanu Reeves should have quit after Bill and Tedís Excellent Adventure.

Síno fun sometimes. I think that it might be good for me to relinquish control of my self to my id for a fucking change.

Indulge, escape, forget, believeÖ

Anyway, the train. I like it.


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