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6:46 p.m. - 2002-05-02
Looks flat to me. And yes I called you buster.
I think Iím going to go back to bar babooning and back to school.

You know why? Cause fuck this shit thatís why.

In other news, theyíre dropping like flies on my favorites list. Two have quit, three have changed their urls, and one that I read regularly but had yet to add looks like it didnít even make it.

But Iím still here, naímean?

IRregardless to the fact, this little place has helped me out a lot. One might think that the anonymity of this medium is what has fueled my utter lack of shame in posting deep and embarrassing shit on here, but that isnít the case. My mom and pop read this.

Hi mom and pop, I masturbate to porn, sometimes unsuccessfully!

My sister reads this. Girls, with whom I would like to have ďrelationsĒ as my friend would say, read this. I mean girl, the girlÖum you know Iím only talking about you.

I just really donít give a fuck about privacy anymore. Ask me anything, Iíll tell you the truth. At least a version of it.

Hey everybody, since I have appointed myself the new rule maker for society, hereís another one that if we all opt to follow it will make the world a lot less annoying for yours truly. From now on, if you ever are given the head swelling power to name a product and you are faced with the choice of exchanging a letter ďCĒ in a word as it would normally occur in the English language for a letter ďKĒ in order to make it more ďfunĒ, donít.

Iím finding my shower time is getting longer and longer, and no itís not the "release" problem, buster. It has to do with the fact that I am much more comfortable naked with hot water spraying all over my body than I am dressed in front of a god damned screen.

Hmmmm...But that being the case, what the fuck am I doing sitting here right now when my finances are not being enhanced in the least by this action? I guess it has more to do with the proximity of the computer to my boss, and maybe the focus of my coconut meat. Maybe I would enjoy my work more if instead of typing in the model number of a sink I described it in a vivid display of linguistic skill and metaphor. It wouldnít help the olí production manager place the order, but it might just warm his heart a little, and that would have to be good for the company. It is a well-documented fact that warm-hearted production managers are fifty billion times more productive than their non-warm hearted counterparts. Itís even on the fucking internet, see for yourself.

You canít prove the world is round, and I donít believe it.


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