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1:01 p.m. - 2002-05-20
Your type always does.
I'm updating from work!! Can you believe that shit? You'll believe it when you see all the spelling errors that result from my lack of spell check and what have you.

IRregardless, surprisingly nobody unfavortitized me due to that last entry, so as a reward I vow to never speak of that shit again in here!

Hmmm. What the fuck else is there to talk about? My boss sent me flowers. Really girly flowers. With a note saying how much he appreciated that I made it so he can go away by being here. I had to click off of the internet to not get busted when they arrived.

I don't want flowers. Especially not from him. They were delightful and all, but, um...anyway.

So I am quitting this job soon. I am going back to school to get my student discount at the movies, and also to learn a bunch of shit. And I'm finna be a bar baboon again. The reason, as usual, is fuck this shit. Na'mean?

Once I get my degree in creative writing it will be that much sweeter when I go back to being a carpenter. Plus I need to get glasses and can only assume that my professors will give me higher marks because them.

My mom is visiting from Canada. She made me cookies and dinner and warshed my dishes and gave me hugs and stuff. It is the best ever, as she is the best ever. My lil' sis Kaffer also known as Blueberry is also reaping the rewards of it. As are my neighbors who were all blessed with her home made jam. I got the only blackberry version, as I am the greediest, and also rhubarb/strawberry. It's good on all manner of toast, let me tell you. Even english muffins, if you like that sort of thing and knowing you, you do.


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