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11:39 a.m. - 2002-05-23
Fuck that shit is a good reason.
Man. There is something to be said for the realization that when you stop putting effort in places where it is unappreciated and not entirely useful you are left with a lot to offer the world again.

Iím experiencing a rebirth. Though I am not so stupid to believe that it isnít temporary, hopefully I can come back and read this giddy bullshit the next time I feel like I am stuck in that place again. It is easy to forget that things will always look up when you are low. It is also easy to forget that things will dip again when you are feeling good. I think Iíll allow myself to forget that for a minute.

Iím going downtown to look at people and stuff. I love the fact that things go on during the daytime that I am not privy to when I am stuck for eight hours in a building.

Deliveries, kids walking around, people who have different schedules than I do, doing their regularly scheduled activities.

Mmm. Quit your job if you hate it. Life is better when you arenít doing things you detest.


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