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7:01 p.m. - 2002-05-28
Never mind of what.
Have you seen that commercial for Charmin toilet paper with the cartoon bears?

Man those critters look like they enjoy wiping their asses with Charmin! I am gonna get me some of that Charmin. I mean, I enjoy wiping as it is, but I never smiled with satisfaction like that one little bear at the end of that commercial. I think I deserve that kind of wiping fun, and I plan to grab me a piece of it the next time I make the trip to the ol’ grocery personal hygiene aisle.

I’m not so sure about the whole family group dump idea though.

Speaking of family, my mom has returned to Canada leaving fond memories and jam behind. It was nice to see her here, not as strange as I thought it might be. We spent an afternoon at the botanical garden in Golden Gate Park and ate sushi. She also met my friends and the parents of the previously mentioned A-dog at his graduation dinner. That was nothing but pleasantness.

My neighbor Maria has offered to help me make my way through the enrollment process at the ol’ college here tomorrow, and I feel no trepidation at the idea. It is time for me to return to the schoolhouse, my bones and body tell me so even more than my brain. Right is right, and whatnot.

I have been talking to Rach both via the miracle of internet chat and the even more miraculous invent of the telephone over the last few days. I like her, very honest with herself about what she knows and only thinks she knows.

I am all set to pirate DSL from my neighbors. DSL. You know what that means…Digital Subscriber Line.

And mad porn of course.

I took a how ghetto are you test a while back that revealed that I am 80% ghetto. One of my qualifications for this label came from the fact that I pirate cable TV. I am not sure if pirating DSL adds or detracts from my 80%. But I do wear a fly Kangol jacket.

Sadly, Jane decided to erase all of the images on my site that were hosted in her free web space provided by her other ex boyfriend, so many of the images of me are lost forever. Never fear though, I plan to disturb everyone with many more pics of my nudity in the future once I gain employ, pay back my lenders, save up some extra dough, spend it on my money pit vehicle, save up some more, and purchase my ass a digital camera.

Till then just know that I am a vision.


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