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10:08 a.m. - 2002-06-04
I'm not a player, I just masturbate a lot.
DSL pirating is almost complete.

Wires have been run, router has been hooked up and trouble shot, the last few things to happen are all computer related though, and this is where it gets sticky.

I donít want to mess up anything that will leave me internetless, even for an hour. And yet I have this feeling in my gut that it is inevitable. Iím great with the physical manipulation of things, but getting those unseen circuits to fire in the right directions at the right times is a challenge that has proven to be beyond me on more than one occasion.

I thus have decided to pray on one knee before I try to make the switch. I figure it works for all of those football players when they get touchdowns and such. I never really understood why God cares so much about who scores more touchdowns in a football game, but those coaches are smart. Maybe all those people who are starving to death all over the world should try the one knee thing. Maybe then the olí lord will take notice and stop helping Sisqo win Grammies for the thong song and such.

But I digress, starving people shmarving people, I have super fast porn downloads for him to attend to.

In other news, I am getting off my ass and getting a bar baboon position directly today. I believe everything I read, so once this is posted it will have to be true. Right?


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