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3:11 p.m. - 2002-06-06
You aren't as cool as me though, that is statistically imposible, dummy.
I’ve been thinking about what is real and what is false about this online world that I used to mock and now am a solid citizen of.

Meeting people in the real three dimensional world who have been nothing more than light emitted from a screen in the past, what is the reality of it?

I know that I like the parts of them that I see here, but I also know that it is has the possibility to be as contrived as any other manipulatable piece of information we give to the world, from a $75 dollar haircut, to a diamond studded Rolex and gold fronts, a pair of carefully picked out old jeans to try to show how little they care about appearance, to pair that was not carefully picked out and shows that they really don’t.

But then again, where does this stigma come from? Surly there are perverts and liars and people with less than noble motives tapping away at the keys in order to find someone to use for a less than noble purpose, but I am sitting here too.

That is what brings me back to realizing that it is just like any other place on earth, there are bound to be sickos, and also there absolutely has to be good folks too. They all exist, and would have had ol’ Al Gore not thunk up the internet, so what is so wrong with meeting somewhere that is not created through the beeps and whirs coming through a telephone line?

I am not sure, but it seems kind of grimy or wrong somehow. You should be able to make friends outside in the real world, right? You shouldn’t have to look on the internet to make contact.


Well, maybe, but what if you don’t have to, does that therefore mean that you shouldn’t? Meeting a person in a bar with music blaring and drinks in your gullet based on the fact that they present an image to you through dress and genetics that you find appealing seems no better a mark to take your cue from. We all have met characters that hide their true self so well that it takes months and years to realize that you would do better to have the place that they occupy in your life vacant, and likely would have from the start.

So, what is so different?

The proof is in the pudding. I am cool as fuck so mathematically it would be improbable if not impossible for others out there, maybe even you reading this, to not also fit that description.



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