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11:53 a.m. - 2002-07-15
Yes, fancy ha ha I mean.
I’m so fucking busy.

I got up at working folks time this morning and took a hot shower to rinse all of the sleeping and not so sleeping scents off of me, squirted some blue chemical concoction into my palm and rubbed it into my stubbly cheeks to lubricate my whisker scraping process so as to look all neat and employ worthy, walked my ass to the train stop and traveled downtown to the fancy rich people restaurant in order to keep the appointment that the manager made with me a few weeks ago.

He opted not to do the same, but instead left word that if I repeat the process tomorrow I will indeed become a member of the crack team of servants hired to dispense lubricant of the social variety to fancy rich folks.

Emphasis on “crack”.

After the disappointment of un-kept appointment, I walked downtown for a little while and realized yet again that this city is the place for me. Remember this guy? I saw him again and this time he stopped to explain some of the more intricate policies he was hoping would come to pass in the political transpirations of the galaxy, mostly involving telepathy and some such. I wish I could have given him more of my attention, but as it was I was on my cell phone and also, to my shame, not a registered voter. I guess that will nullify any complaints I dare voice when the elections are over, but I have no doubt I will voice them non-the-less as complaining is my middle name. Many people seem to think that my middle names are “the smarts”, but that is really a nickname that was bestowed upon me by “they”. As in “they call me the smarts”.

I generally think about the things that I do and don’t do. I seldom do things I deem unnecessary, but I often will not do things that are. My graphs and spectrums that are used to formulate the decisions of what is in fact good use of my ample reserves (at the moment) don’t usually jibe with the rules set down by society in general. Actually, they probably do for the most part, maybe it is just the emphasis and lack there of that is a little off. I know that if you were to place my scan tron bubble test with my number two pencil rubbed answers, one for not important to me, five for very important to me, up against the key of the majority it would be slightly off in lots of places. That said, the key maybe really is the key. The key to allowing yourself the least resistance in this virtual reality. What if I decided that what was important to the majority is just as valid as what is important to me? What if I opted to accept the rules and take the brakes afforded me by them, dismiss the injustices that exist with in them as simply the way it is, and put my focus toward succeeding within the rules of the game as they are laid out? I was given a good character to play, white, male, articulate enough, I’m no Don Johnson but I’m adequate in the looks department…I could rock this shit if I wanted to. Why am I not doing just that?

I like girls too much maybe. I mean like them, not like them like them, though maybe the validity of the statement wouldn’t change were the number of “like thems” repeated; yet that is not my point. My point is I tend to be the anti-ex. The anti current. The anti “men” said with a sigh and audible italic emphasis. This is all well and good ‘cept for the fact that I fit in that italicized category along with the rest of them.

Pffft. I’m done thinking about this shit for a while as it makes no sense anyway.

Is pure gold not the fanciest stuff on earth? And don’t say diamonds, because diamonds are not stuff, they are things.

And lastly, the difference between a dork, a nerd and a geek? I have my opinions, what do you think?


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