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12:42 p.m. - 2002-08-17
Since I am done lying forever though sheíll never find out!
Feast or famine.

Four days ago I was unemployed, as of yesterday I am the proud holder downer of two jobs.

The first is the trick or treating for the Sierra Club. It is actually kind of fun, but long demanding hours and not enough money to live on. On my first day I got called in for an interview at one of the clubs I applied to over a month ago. It is a hard club to get work in, and luckily I ended up having a lot of connections just by having friends who are all involved in that scene. I am not involved in it really at all, but when I went to the interview I saw three people I knew standing in the VIP room with the manager, and it is just coincidence that I was friends with these folks, because I didnít meet them on the scene at all. IRregardless to the fact, it impressed the manager and he hired me to bar back. I started last night.

It was a cool, easy job, and as expected they like me already. The bar manager said that somehow I was one of the boys already, and that that never happens, usually they haze the new guys for a long time before they are accepted, but as we all know, Iím a stunner. Or something.

I also somehow tricked the Sierra Club Director into thinking I am the shit, because they are making an exception for me and allowing me to work part time against their usual strict policy.

If I can trick window company CEO on Tuesday, Iíll be set.

Feast or famine.

On a Bianca update, she has forgiven me based on the promise that if I ever lie again to her like that I will get the word LIAR tattooed on my forehead. I promised that I would, but obviously I wonít.


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