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10:49 a.m. - 2002-08-26
I probably helped pay for your college grants so share the wealth for the love of god.

Iím tired, again. Working and driving and stuff isnít as rejuvenating as sleeping 11 hours a day.

I did some shit this weekend. One of the shits was worked at the club on Saturday night where they were having ďAsian American IdolĒ. About a half dozen girls got up on stage and sang their lilí hearts out for a cash prize Iím guessing. It was cute and boring and non conducive to getting folks to purchase alchy-hol from the bar that I was manning, but the crowd tips very well and it was easy. I also drove my truck, olí purply all over hells half acre doing errands and getting my visit on with B. 400 miles clocked on the odometer in just a few days.

In California there is a strange phenomenon on the freeways that make a motherfucker drive really slowly in the fast lane until you get the chance to pass them, then they speed up to thwart your forward progress. It is not that amusing to me when Iím in a royal rush.

Here is my theory on evolution in our own species. Itís stalled thanks to medical science and such. We have the ability to by pass the whole survival of the fittest as it is dictated by nature, and now most of the traits that lead to successful procreation are societal instead of natural. I donít mind this as I am just a little guy, and prolly would have been eaten by a badger or something if we were still getting picked off of the heard based on our physical prowess and what have you, but it still is stalling shit. To me it seems that evolution isnít something that just happens generation by generation, but is really afforded when something comes through and wipes out a significant part of the gene pool, disease, or famine or disaster of some sort, thus leaving the most resistant individuals to get they fuck on and make resistant super babies.

We obviously are not done evolving, and just because we have figured a few things out doesnít mean that we know shit. We only use 10% of our thinkpeice right now, and it just seems silly to me to believe that even if we donít have hair all over and can drive cars and stuff that we are really that much different than the rest of the apes. We can wonder shit, but we canít answer shit because we are just a speck on the evolutionary timeline. We try to answer anyway, with deities and philosophies and even some backward ass science experiments, but come the fuck on. We donít have shit under control. AIDS is relatively new, and who is to say an airborne version wonít pop up in the next ten years that will wipe out 95% of the population and leave the other lil group to reinvent the human with their limited gene pool?

Or something.

I have not been schooled on this topic, so go ahead and poke holes in my theory. Tell me something that I donít know.


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