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1:36 a.m. - 2002-08-27
Don't worry, she's on the pill.
DMV=H, E, double hockey sticks.

Fucking fuck. I sat for literally, physically, two hours in line and then got up to get into another line. Total wait, over two motherfucking hours, total time speaking to a people and having them hand me a lil sticker for my license plate, less than one minute.

But thatís the price you pay for the privilege of driving around. That and gas, and the CDL fee, and the repairs on your stupid vehicle, and the tickets, and registration, and insurance, and oil changes, and frustration that occurs when faced with all the other dopes driving on the freeways.

Today is haircut day. Iím only at Eric Estrada statusónot Hasslehof-- but I am not sure when Iíll next have a chance to get sheared so Iím getting it on this very afternoon.

I feel like gushing a little. Deal with it.

*ahem* Bianca is the personification of femininity. When I look at her sometimes she represents everything that a woman is to me, and it stirs that little bit of instinct inside that drives the motivation to procreate. Not have sex, but impregnate.

There, Iím done.

Iím wearing my favorite at home shirt right now. It makes me look like I am wearing a large gold chain that has a medallion made of the purest of gold with the words ďI GOTZ ME SOME CHEDDAíĒ spelled out in diamonds, along with a few well placed $ís for good measure.

I love it.


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