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8:48 p.m. - 2002-08-29
guide me, faceless motherfucks!
Here is an easy way to create a dramatic moral dilemma for yourself: give a fuck a little bit.

The crew I worked with today consisted of the lead that has the English speaking skills and experience, and the helper who doesnít, but does all of the work.

The latter is exploiting the former in a blatant way, and aside from the fact that it is fucked up; it also makes me wonder what I should do. It is hardly my business that the helper is getting paid about half of what he should, but I am going to need helpers when my training period is over and this guy is golden. I would not only double his salary and show him proper respect, but I would gain a lot by having him on as part on my crew.

The thing is, stealing other peopleís workers is frowned upon, and even if my main purpose is that I donít like seeing people being taken advantage of just because they can be, it goes against my morals to do it.

So that leaves me wondering. Iím not obliged to do anything, and minding my own business is a good excuse for being a pussy, but I feel like I should at least let this guy know that he can do better.

The other part of it is, I donít really have anything against the lead except that he is a cheap bastard. He is nice aside from that, and he taught me a lot. Screwing him out of his help isnít really the best way to repay the favor. Is it?

But paying a guy what he is worth and getting good help seems like a decent thing.

I donít know. I really donít.


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