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3:17 p.m. - 2002-09-05
Defecation forcast grim.
When will I learn?

I just ordered, received, and ate a bunch of shit from dominoes pizza. Horrible pizza and even horribler spicy chicken strip things that are mingling together in my gullet as I type battling with the acids in my gut-piece that is trying desperately to shuffle the ball of crap into my intestines where whatever slim bits of nutritional absorbsion can take place until they push the paste to the exit down below in order to punish me once again in a way that need not be elaborated on.

I think that eating stuff like this is my equivalent to cutting. Whenever I feel like an asshole I decide to punish my own copy of the namesake with the charge of spitting out indigestible foodstuffs that couldnít possibly be properly rendered.

It doesnít seem to take though, as a learning tool.

Oh, Iíll be sorry.


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