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7:22 p.m. - 2002-09-16
A vibrating broomstick! Do I have to spell it out for you?
I have been keeping this journal for one full year now as of a few days ago.

Wahoo! And such. To all those who said I couldnít do it, if anyone did say that, IN YOUR EYE, SUCKERS!

Pigeons are just gray doves, yet doves are a beautiful symbol of peace and love, while pigeons are considered vermin. Why is it so?

If doves were overrunning the city and pooping on your car, would we really be rushing to release them at weddings and what have you?

Prolly not in my estimation.

Poor pigeons. So hated. If they could only be more rare they would be adored for their purple neck-pieces and coo-coo-cooing, but as it is people try to run them over, heave rocks and sticks at them or trick them in to eating raw rice until it splodes their inards.

I just canít help but wonder if the grosses thing I ever saw, a run over pigeon carcass with a pile of human feces laid directly on its broken body in the ally, would have ever come to exist had the cadaver been that of a golden eagle, or a humming bird, or even a parakeet.

Iím a pigeon advocate. What other animal would go about ridding the sidewalk in front of my sisterís apartment of vomit by feasting on the chunks, shaking its little beady-eyed head vigorously from side to side to tear off bits fit for swallowing?

Not the fucking doves! Doves would let you step right in that mess, perhaps even injuring yourself in a nasty slip.

In other news there is a Harry Potter flying broomstick toy that talks and vibrates. It is very popular.

That is all.


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