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7:35 p.m. - 2002-09-17
Theyíre just fucking pest larvae after all.
Haha. Weíre out now.

Me and Bean that is. Many people already know but many people donít, and of the many who donít, many donít care, and of the many who do, well, they have been polite enough to act as if they do.

Anniewaits is my girlfriend Bean. Isnít it a coincidence that we both have a diary on diaryland?

Or is it, dummy?

See, we met through diaryland, and thus, because of the internet. Isnít that sick? I fell in love with a girl I met online! What a fucking dweeb ass loser! Right?

Wrong chump. She is the fucking shit, and despite my earlier belief that everyone who keeps a diary is unattractive, yes I even thought that you were ugly (sorry about that), she is the kind of beautiful that has strange men walking up to her on the street asking her to be a hair model in a thinly veiled attempt to get at her causing anger to rise up in my belly and consume me until I am scraping a fork on the concrete trying to form a crude shank in order toÖumÖsheís gorgeous is what I mean to say.

Also, she is smart and funny and I donít know if I ever mentioned it before, but has an ass that should be bronzed.

Sooner admitted that he didnít think I would last a year keeping my diary, now what Iíd like is if someone who bet me $345.00 would step forward and pay the fuck up. Again, I donít know if anyone did, but if so, I hope they donít welch.

My maggot farm is dead. The problem, Iím sure, is that they needed fresh air at some point, but the problem with that is the air exchange would mean releasing the little bit of atmosphere inside that was stewing in rotten chocolate milk fumes. I like the maggots, but not that much.


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