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4:59 p.m. - 2002-09-19
The knives were cheap though, I got 4,000 for three stretch payments of $99 on the HSN!
Well, beef with 12% has been squashed thanks to Fu-fu admitting his love for me. Iím glad because this means a lot less work in my life, coming up with dance steps and getting my street stance just so is some tiring shit. I even spent about five or eleven hours screaming ďBack off! I have an orange belt!Ē in the mirror to get my intimidation factor up, but I didnít get the ty-bo tapes from blockbuster yet so I had nothing to back it up anyway.

Speaking of blockbuster, I hate that company. As for Hollywood video though, I just strongly dislike them. They have the Darrenís Dance Grooves hip-hop instructional video *AS SEEN ON TV!* for rent, and you best believe that me and Bean are going to learn the fuck out of some Backstreet Boys routines.

Please donít think Iím lying, because Iím not. We will get the choreography down pat, even if it takes us practicing all day with no breaks, surviving just on our passion for freshness and Red Bull energy drinks to get us through the rigorous schedule (Its only a two day rental). Then we will hit up the karaoke circuit with a vengeance.

Again, Iím not fucking joking.

Anyway, back to the beef with 12%. Aside from the moral dilemma it brought up with my jealousy driving me to be a spiteful little bitch, there is another question of ethics that I am now forced to examine. If one were to order a bunch of jackets with gang logos, and then not need them anymore, is one obligated to pay for them? I mean, come on! The person taking the order is really at fault. Who in their right mind would fill an order for 125 letterman jackets with ď13% Wine is classier AND gets you drunk quicker motherfuckers! Take that to the bank! What!?! 13% Wine in tha motherfuckin house like what!?!? Yeeeeaaaaaaah Boooooyeeeee! What-what-whatwhat-what!?! Whoody-Whooooo!Ē

And anyway, Iím sure they can use them for display models or even sell them off the rack.


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