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4:24 p.m. - 2002-09-26
Cut back on.
My phone got cut off for a few days. Some bullshit about paying them for the service or something, I donít know. I just had it cut back on an hour ago.

Do I care that my service was interrupted? Yes. Only because it left me internetless for the beginning of the week with no convenient way to get my surf on.

Surprisingly, not a goddamned thing changed or happened that mattered in those few days.

Anyway, myself and Matty-P, my lil brother and helper in window and door installation madness, us two, we got our install on with exceedingly good results. The only problems we had were the long hours on account of the learning curve slowing us down and the office screwing up and whatever else causing us to work two 13.5-hour days in a row. (Thatís 13 and a half, Bean).

Also, late last night as we finished a steel door installation at the house of two completely fucking adorable lil kids, we were unfortunate to discover the body of their kitten on the street out in front of their house, lifeless and still warm. Thatís unpleasant.

I guess Iím a socialist by philosophy, but not in this system and not in this fucking society. I fall under the category of libertarian kind of, and could be seen as a fiscal conservative in some regards, but when the rubber hits the road Iím all about the pinko commie shit. It is basically just my distain toward the government use of funds that makes me anti tax, nearly to the point of wanting to dump a shitload of tea into the ocean. I donít care for anyone to crash planes into buildings and kill thousands of people, but I will tell you that I am afraid ol bin laden was onto something with his assertion that all citizens of the US are defacto guilty of the crimes of their government through funding them with tax money to carry out their warlike ambitions. I feel responsible, and I also feel responsible for funding all of the waste and bureaucracy and bullshit that goes along with the government.

I want the fuck out of here. I know that I have been very lucky to be a resident of a country that allows such an easy life and so much opportunity, but I am just not with the program on an ongoing basis. I donít want to be driven by consumerism, I donít want to feel like protecting my way of life is all important when I donít feel like my ďrightĒ to be a capitalist is really defendable intellectuallyóonly physically.

So, yes I think that social programs are a worthwhile use of my money, and I am happy to work for the betterment of the lives of those who are not as lucky as I am, but I am not happy to work one out of five days a week so that the greatest and most brilliant minds of our time can be funded in the attempt to come up with a better, more efficient way to murder people who disagree with our government.

What if all that brain power was being used for solutions, and technology to advance the peace and quality of our lives instead of weapons and destruction? We could have a device that would automatically translate dog barks into Portuguese by now, and probably even one that would translate Portuguese into English. Get what Iím saying? We could talk to our fucking pets! But instead we can just blow up caves and boss people around by telling them that we, as the only country that has proven that it will unleash a nuclear arsenal, will bomb the fuck out of anyone who crosses us.

As a country we are just like that lady who got caught punching her kid in the face in the Wal-Mart parking lot. Bigger, stronger, and out of control.

Oh well, guess today I installed that door for you prez Bush, you stupid, aggressive, might makes right, terrorist son of a bitch.


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