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7:39 p.m. - 2002-10-07
Plus you ineficient versions have to clean the top of the fridge.
FUCK YOU, YOU MOTHERFUCKING JERKS! How about this, I put a rock *in* my sock and start swinging it around like the black knight (not the Martin Laurence movie black knight, the one who tried to beat the hell out of goofy that time) and sock rocking rockify a fucking rock sock soccer…


D’yall know how teeny I am? I’m 5’4” tall. That is short. Surprizingly, idiots, I already know this, so if you meet me in person there is no need to tell me. See the anger seething inside of me? Isn’t it adorable how the little guy has a Napoleon complex?

Napoleon complex this you sock rock…

Looky here, its fucking simple. If every time I get mad or stand up for myself it is attributed to my “complex”, how am I not supposed to develop one? It’s like those bitchy women who get the reputation for being bitches because they are bitchy, but if they were men they would just be successful and business like. See what I mean? They have to deal with being called bitches, and we short men have to deal with everything from being called short, to being compared to women! Just like women!

And another thing, tall people are freaks as much as short people are. And they complain all the time too. “Move your seat up, I need more leg room, its so cramped in here, I can’t believe how little space they give you on a coach flight, blah, blah, blah.”

Well listen Mr.”I can see right over the top of your head so get in the front of the line for the group picture and hold the fucking company logo”, I have plenty of leg room no matter where I am, and if I hear one more joke about how my feet don’t touch the floor when I poop, Ima see how much leg room there is up your ass when I plant my foot in it!

What the fuck is so great about being tall anyway? So you can reach shit on the top shelf at the grocery store. Great. Go reach it.

Anyway, I don’t really care at all.

PS I'm not really mad about anything, nor do i think any one is a motherfucker, jerk, tall ass freak, or whatever else I may have said. If you think I'm lying you can kiss my ass. I didn't mean that either, but I'm not lying.


(I don't really think you are stupid)


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