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11:59 p.m. - 2002-10-16
The fifth dentist recomends Heckafresh for all your drivel needs. And brushing your gritters.
Iím slightly upset with the level of dental care I receive, and have received throughout my life. This was brought about by the realization that according to Trident, four out of five dentists recommend Trident gum to their patients. None of my dentists have recommended anything to me except brushing my gritters. I want a dentist who recommends snacks and shit. What the fuck, huh?

Iím working like a fucking idiot lately. Mad long hours and such. Iím tired. Also I have been driving like a fool lately. Mad long trips and gas fill ups galore.

Question, wouldnít the person who is proposing a war be the biggest immediate threat to peace? I mean, Saddam is a motherfucker, granted, but since he is not threatening war, and olí Bush is, no matter how you slice it, Bush is the biggest immediate threat to peace. Even if you think that we should go and bomb some folks and are just in our reasons, bombing folks is not peaceful. Iím just sick of the bullshit. I donít claim to know everything, or much of anything about international policy, but I am smart enough to pick out the obvious flaws in the drivel that is being sent out via the propaganda machine. Iíve said it before and Iíll say it again Iím sure, please try harder to fool me you shit heads. I donít ask much, I am getting sick of giving a fuck, but at least give me something to cling to that is not ridiculous. Thanks.

PS I ainít no toof doctor, but I recommend Bubbalicious. Great flavor, good bubble capability, and chock full of delicious sugars.


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