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8:39 p.m. - 2002-10-29
And right below the wily black widow/brown recluse/other biting kind of spider.
A black widow tried to get in my pants today at work.

No, not ol Virginia Grimes, a black widow spider. See, I was handling a piece of wood that had previously served as a lair for said anachrid when it eight-legged its way out of a crevasse and scared the bejesus out of me. It was crawling away from my hand though, so I just waited for it to plunge off the end and scurry to freedom. It plunged all right, right off the edge and onto the knee of my britches where an unfortunate rip had transpired earlier this week. Its fucking legs touched my skin! A black widow, the deadliest of all creatures on earth touched my ever-loving skin!

It could have been a brown recluse I suppose, but either way, I didnít care for it.

Also, the lead of the other crew wee brother Matty P. and I are working with this week called his girl to find out that she was in labor with his first born son, and then he decided to stay another half an hour to finish setting the window he had started. I, myself, personally see that sort of dedication as ridiculous, and was ready to go home just because a black widow (or brown recluse) had touched my skin.

It could have been some other kind of spider besides a black widow or brown recluse, but I bet whatever it was it could have bit the neck right out of me.

My neighbor, Curtis loves him some tuna sandwiches. He eats them every night for dinner. I bet if there were a chart to be made of the food chain, his picture would be right above the wily tuna on that motherfucker. Mine would be above the wily pizza-pie.


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