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8:03 p.m. - 2002-11-06
Oh yeah, is everyone ready to blow up the world now that Bush has full licence to--wait a second!! Free pizza-pies!?!? Hot damn!
I don’t like that motherscratcher who is making money being the spokes person for Subway just because he used to be overweight and now he isn’t. I want personality in my fast food spokespeople. He even looks like a moron while he chews! At least get a guy who can chew photogenicly for fuck sakes.

I eat pizza from the corner almost ever night because I am too lazy to cook or shop or walk farther than the corner, and I still have the body of a mini Greek god. I wondered out loud if ol Brothers Pizza would like to pay me millions of dollars to be their spokesperson. “Look!” they could say, “this little fucker eats two slices a day! He swears it is what keeps him trim and fit!”

The problem, my neighbor pointed out, is that they have nothing to pay me, and certainly not millions like subway pays that dude who chews like a jerk. A free pizza-pie maybe, but no millions. Fucked again, the story of my life.

Except for where one Bean is concerned. I love that broad.


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