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5:20 p.m. - 2003-01-15
Put someone on a list titled \"the axis of evil\", start waging war against others on that list, and be indignant if they arm themselves when a non-aggression treaty is declined! It PROVES that they are evil do-ers! Kill all the evil do-ers!
My roommate uses the toilet paper like Bush using the stupidity of the American public. A roll used to last me about a month, now we go through easily 4-6 rolls in that same time period. The young man gets his wipe on, is the only conclusion I can draw from this.

Yeah that’s right, poo talk to combat writers’ block.

Writers’ block like a mug. That’s’ what I have. I have been debating the dramatic quit my diary with style idea vs. the get a new username and a fresh start vs. the stir shit up by claiming/revealing that my beloved girlfriend bean's diary, anniewaits, is really me leaving many to wonder if she exists anywhere besides my mind. Sure, some people have met her, but who is to know whether she is really bean or a $1000/hr call girl that I am paying with promises of future insurance monies to be collected upon my death?

You think a sucker like me could get a girlfriend? Pffft. YOU is the sucker then.

But wait, I’m not clever enough to write two diaries chock full of laughs and insight and anger and whining…

These are the things that have made my day recently (on different days, mind you):

A really old black lady called me “child” when she exclaimed that she was never planning on taking the screens out of the windows I installed for her.

I saw two fuzzy kittens sunning themselves next to a car.

I ate pop-eyes chicken for lunch.

A lady thought I was a teenager, but not because of the way I was acting.

I found a dollar on the street.

I think "Bean", whether she exists in real life or just in my head, realizes that she can trust me.

I wonder if now that the slam dunk of calling terrorists evil and bombing their evil asses is over, will Bush fumble and screw up his phony inflated approval rating and go the one term way of his pappy? I bet you he will. I also bet that he will get a lot of people killed in the process.

You know those so cute it makes you want to throw a boulder on them kids who claim the virtues of Breyers ice cream because its all natural and they can pronunciate the “grediant”? Those lil’ fuckers are right! Especially the mint chocolate chip. That shit tastes like frozen day at the waterslides fun.

I’m going to the waterslides this summer. Anyone who tries to stop me will be shanked as an evil-do-er.


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