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1:50 a.m. - 2003-01-19
What if the kick in the nuts is to pre-empt his shitty jokes?
Today I walked in the anti-war march. I am really glad I did. Not because I think it will make a damned bit of difference, not because it makes me feel righteous, but simply because it helped me see that there are a lot of other people around here who think that this whole idea of using destruction and murder as a tool in international relations is fucking barbaric.

I still am positive that the war will happen, but at least those of us who have thought about it and decided that it is not the way to go about things know that we are not alone in that.

There were all sorts of slogans and quotes written on signs, many of them thought provoking, many of them stupid, some even offensive. Anyone who reads my diary knows that I am not a Bush supporter, and as horrible as I think he is, and as fucked up as I believe his policies to be, I think that you lose credibility when you try to liken him to Hitler by drawing little mustaches on him or superimposing his picture over a swastika. Half of my family is gone because of what Hitler was able to accomplish in concentration camps using devices designed to exterminate people, and as much as I think that attacking a country and demonizing a people because they are situated on a valuable commodity is disgusting, it is still not comparable. Bush is more like an armed robber who has no regard for human life, not a serial killer who tortures and rapes his victims.

I think the sign that made me think the most, and was probably the simplest answer to any of this shit, posed the question ďwhat would we do if war was not an option?Ē The answer to that question should be exhausted completely until there is no other solution. How is it okay that people are going to be killed? How can that be okay? How is it allowed? Iím not allowed to even kick Arsenio Hall in the groin but the leaders of this supposedly civilized nation can decide to wage a war at a cost of countless lives, in a country filled with families who were simply born on top of oil fields as well as sacrificing members of our own families? Even if you are able to suspend the idea that a life of even a non-american is sacred what about the american military that will be sacrificed? Kids who have pledged their lives to defend our country, have given their devotion to protecting us, used in what is all but a fucking gang war over oil territory instead of drug turf?

And really, why the fuck canít I kick Arsenio Hall in the groin? That motherfucker is not funny, not smart, not good looking, yet he has been invited into my living room by network executives. The new Star-search. My ASS! The fucking judges. Christ, the judges! What is wrong with them? Do they not understand that the numbers they give are supposed to indicate how good the performance that they just watched was? Why is it that people who are commissioned to come up with something insightful or clever to say are having a rougher time than me, bean and her roommate? We donít know shit!


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