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5:29 p.m. - 2003-01-28
I wonder if Bush's SotUA will infuriate me. I'm guessing yes.
Here is something corny that popped into my head today that Iím am going to put here for lack of anything else to write about aside from Beanís fabulous ass and such.

There is no need to justify feeling, and there is no way to justify reacting to one. I often admire those who can separate their decision process from their emotions, but I also pity the ones, often the same folks, who donít feel things as much somehow, either by some great force of will or a lack of whatever it is that grants us the ability to find sensation almost physical in what we process through non-physical means.

I want to think about this more, I really think it speaks to why the depths of artists and the responsibility of realists are seldom found within one think-piece.

I wish I could paint like a motherfucker. Bean has a body thatís recording could only be done justice by means of oil colors on canvas at the hand of a master. All day long she wears clothes that hide it from the world, and even from me, but when she is nude it makes my knees buckle, and I donít mean from the blood rushing away from my brain. On a non-sexual level. She is stunning. Literally. The way that nature sometimes is when you are suddenly beckoned to pay attention for a moment and get pulled into the reality of being a part of it. She is a woman, but sometimes, she is woman. I see that strength in her. Like she could carry the world if she had to. The nurturing and ferociousness of a mother grizzly, such a gentle touch coming from a core that commands respect. All of this conveyed from the curves of her hips, the shining light and shadows dancing across her brown skin.

Plus sheís my buddy ol pal. I hope we hang out together for a long, long time.


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