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9:53 p.m. - 2003-03-18
Well citizens of Iraq, just remember that it was Hussiens fault when you watch you lives andloved ones get demolished. And hey, if you survive you will be free soon! And we never meant for him to use those weapons against you BTW, but don't worry, he
In the words of one of my diaryland heroes, feck.

I havent paid my gold membership bill. As you can tell. I wish the fact was that I am so clever and punk rock that I created a new template that consists of squares with Xs inside, but no. Not punk rock, just a punk.

It makes me sad that thousands of people are going to die soon. I have not had anyone close to me die in a long time, and I have been lucky enough to not know the pain of a friend or relative being destroyed at the decision of another human.

Speaking of relatives, my mom and wee brother Pooker have come down from yon Canada to visit me and wee sis and company for a few days. Great times had by all. I just wish they were here longer. That Pooker is a hunk, Ive been told, and the ladies flock to him like Parrots in downtown San Francisco. My mom is feisty as ever and loves her some Mexican food.

I wonder what books are red tagged for getting you watched by the FBI/CIA/HOMELANDSECURITY when you take them out of the library. I wonder what information W.Bush was able to burry about his ol pap. I wonder if France and Russia really care about the Iraqi people or the oil refining contracts they have/had with Iraq. I wonder if Bush cares about the Iraqi people and not the lack of oil refining contracts the U.S. has with Iraq. I wonder if Hussein cares about the Iraqi people. I wonder if I do. I wonder how much longer I will be able to stomach funding this government through my steady economic support.

Poor Bean. She is being overworked like mad. I am trying my best to relieve her stress. I bring her her favorite foods, and even went to her apartment and washed her sheets, favorite jammies, socks, and flipped her mattress and laid them all out for her. Shes a real fucking hero. She is working her ass off to make a difference while I just sit and ponder.

I love that broad.


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