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2:02 p.m. - 2003-03-26
So what am I going to do?
According to television, only exceedingly attractive women suffer from yeast infections, PMS, or menstruation at all for that matter. Every advertisement for products aimed at aiding in these situations is full of gorgeous women.

Also, I saw Rabbit-proof fence yesterday with my Pap. Man it was good.

You know what kind of position is difficult to translate to people, in terms of opinion on any matter that is important to folks? One that doesnít identify exactly on one side or another. I think that in this climate and society, it is very important to have ďextremistsĒ on both sides of the fence to balance shit out, but I donít (itís debatable I suppose) really view myself that way. I guess I am more left leaning than most, but I have shed my knee-jerk liberalism for the most part. It is probably a starting point for me on most issues, no doubt, but I see so much hypocrisy around me, most of which I am a part of, that it makes my views, although strong, if not supple, confusing to people.

Not to me though.

It seems like both sides of the war issue are making a beeline toward losing all credibility for themselves as they accuse and posture and ignore facts that donít support their cause to the point that they are lying to themselves.

So much importance placed on what we are rather than what we do. Within what circle of imaginary ďborderĒ we were born. With what country or raceís history we claim credit or blame for. Itís not an accomplishment, you know. Itís all so fucking tiring.

I like it here. Iím glad I was lucky enough to have the choice to come here. Iím here now. Right now. Thatís all.


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