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4:51 p.m. - 2003-09-22
yes, i know Eli the third, $250 won't even buy you a stick of gum in the future, but it's nearly a pair of sneakers in 2003.
I may have to rethink the whole "as a carpenter I don't have to shave and trim and keep neat and wear clean clothes--in fact it is more than a right not to do this, but a goddamned obligation" line of thinking that I have been living by. I look like a true, honest to goodness hobo some of the time. You know you're stretching it when you can't even stand in front of a shop on the sidewalk without some motherfucker dropping a quarter in your cup of coffee and wishing you luck.

This old man, age 82, allowed that the five windows I installed for him cost him one third of the purchase price of his entire house in 1942. He bought the house for $15,000. Now it is worth well over $800,000. Of all the "Holy Shit!" exclamations to be had from this little word problem of a paragragh, $15,000 is so little, $800,000 is so much, why woul;d anyone pay $5,000 for five windows, etc., my favorite is the looking into our futures when telling our grandkids that we spent $800,000 on our house will have them screaming "What the Fuck!! That isn't even a down payment nowadays!"

I figure it will be acceptable to use the eff word in front of great-grandparents by then, if not go down on your boyfriend or girlfriend in front of them.

I was posed to go to the waterslides this weekend, but instead had to get my truck out of impound since the fucking cops towed it from where it was illegally parked. There went $250 down the fucking drain.

PS I have no internet, thats why all of the stupid things I notice in the stupid world are slipping my stupid mind before i can record them in my stupid diary. Also, tahts why my spelling will indeed show my stupididty in this entry due to lack of spellcheck. Stupid, stupid, stupid.


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