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10:29 p.m. - 2003-10-25
Of course if you are a friend of mine and drive a hummer, that only doubles the evidence.
Woo. Another year of gold membership paid for.

Most of the people who read this prolly keep a diary themselves, so Iím sure you can relate to non-update fed pangs of guilt. I feel like Iím pretentious or something because I donít keep this thing going as much as I used to. It also is not as important to me as it used to be, but after a little thought on the subject I realized that it is the not updating as much that makes it less important, not the reverse.

I donít update very often anymore because Iím damned busy all the time. I used to have a job, or for a while there a lack of any job, that allowed me time to think about dumb shit and smart shit and now it seems that every update I write has to do with shit literally.

Iíve lost touch with all my little diaryland pals that I am not effing, and I rarely even check my email let alone notes, gbook, etc.

Iím a god damned diaryland sell out.

Maybe itís not all to be blamed on my busier lifestyle; maybe Iíve just blown my diary wad and have exhausted my topics of self-declared expertise. Maybe Iím older and more boring. Maybe the pills have stolen the wind of angst from my creative sails. Maybe the worldís gotten so stupid I canít even laugh at it anymore.

Whatever the fuck.

Iím just going to continue doing what I have been doing, writing when I have the time or topic. The fact is I love diaryland. It helped me to realize that I am not the smartest, only one of the smartest people in the world, and helped me through a very rough time with electronically relayed support from real people all over the place. It gave me the opportunity to meet my sweetheart, and perhaps future baby mama, and will be a good record to give the court for my insanity defense.

You know those big ass yellow SUV H2s? First of all, they look like the short bus that the learning disabled kids took to school. Second, they are named after felatio. You are a stupid moron if you drive one.


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